About Us

PartYard Systems Lda. is a specialist company that offers cost effective and comprehensive professional services throughout the world. Wherever Quality and Security are Critical, PartYard delivers.

Together, we innovate new technologies and business strategies that give us the edge over our competitors when providing the best quality technological solutions and services for our customers everywhere.

From Transportation, Space and Defense to Industry, PartYard helps its customers to create a cleaner, more productive and safer world by giving them the tools they need to perform critical tasks.



With a reputation for integrity, innovation, and value, PartYard Lda consistently delivers the highest quality products and services to our customers.



PartYard Lda. relentlessly strives to deliver superior quality products and services to our customers and stakeholders. Customer Satisfaction is our number one goal.

Our commitment to Quality is unwavering. Our ISO 9001 Quality Management System, commitment to defect prevention and continuous improvement efforts are evident in everything we do. Our standard of performance is zero defects.

Customers drive our business. We will always work to exceed customer expectations and deliver superior service. We will never knowingly compromise customer satisfaction.
Delivering defect-free products and services through world-class Quality Systems will enable PartYard to:

– Continuously reduce costs, thereby lowering the cost of ownership for customers;
– Better anticipate customer needs;
– Lead the marketplace with innovative new solutions. Quality is our competitive advantage.


Bruno Monteiro
Chief Executive Officer
PartYard Systems

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